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K-9 is from the year 5000, and has been rebuilt 3 times
The Tenth Doctor was the tenth incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor. Unlike his immediate predecessor, who was plagued by melancholy due to his actions during the Last Great Time War, this incarnation was much more outgoing and genial, a demeanour that hid the "survivor's guilt" that had plagued him since the war. Over his life, however, the weight became much more pronounced. He was haunted by companions lost, enemies believed long-dead and events that threatened the fabric of time itself. He met his end after he absorbed a huge quantity of nuclear radiation whilst saving the life of his friend, Wilfred Mott, leading to his regeneration into his next incarnation.


Doctor Who New Series Trailer 2012 - BBC One01:18

Doctor Who New Series Trailer 2012 - BBC One

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